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A new fun activity at the zoo!

Safaris are scavenger hunts designed specifically for visitors to zoos

Photo Fun Safaris was founded with two goals: to get people of all ages to increase their physical activity by walking and to promote animal welfare. Zoos are a perfect medium for fulfilling both goals. The free Photo Fun Safari app was designed with a specific focus on zoos and provides a variety of attractive benefits for them.

Free to zoos, free to users

The Photo Fun Safaris apps are free to zoos and free to users - forever.

Optional custom Safaris for your zoo

We can create a free Custom Safari for you to increase visitor engagement and promote your zoo. See below for specific details.

Increased visits

This is the primary benefit to zoos: increased revenue from visits, concession purchases, and memberships.

New Visitors: Increase consideration from new visitors by providing a new, unique activity at the zoo

Returning Visitors: Photo Fun Safaris is an excellent catalyst to motivate visitors to return to the zoo after the pandemic closedown. Adding a fun activity for groups or families will increase visits from those who feel they've seen all the zoo has to offer.

Repeat Visits: While the Beginner level Safaris are easy and intended for young children, the more challenging levels will require more than one visit to complete.

Group/Bus Trips: The Photo Fun Safaris app is ideal for small and large groups and can increase attendance from school trips, youth groups, scouts, fund-raising events, etc.

Off-Season, Special Events: Safaris can increase visits during the off-season and for special events such as Christmas or Halloween. Custom Safaris for special events or special exhibits can be leveraged for promotion and increased visits.

Increase Engagement

Young children can become bored quickly, and parents may be reluctant to bring them to the zoo more than once every few years. The Beginner level Safaris are designed with this problem in mind and empirical evidence demonstrates that these activities keep kids engaged.
Families with children of different age levels also find it difficult to keep everyone engaged and happy at the zoo. The Photo Fun Safaris app includes multiple levels of difficulty and everyone in the family can select the level appropriate for them.

Increase Zoo Promotion

The Photo Fun Safari app increases zoo visibility through its design, which promotes your zoo every time the user visits any other zoos in the app.

Additionally, each Safari requires one picture of someone in front of a landmark that includes the zoo's name. Pictures may be shared on your zoo's website and shared via social media from the app.

Why consider a custom Safari for your zoo?

Custom Safaris are almost unlimited in their designs and Photo Fun Safaris will work with you to ensure we exceed your zoo's expectations:

  • Highlight special features such as special exhibits or new arrivals

  • Educate the public about specific animal or environmental concerns

  • Design Safaris for schools, specific groups, or groups with special needs

  • Promote zoo membership and enhance fund-raising events

  • Custom Safaris can also include ads to further increase zoo revenue (at your request)

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