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Introduction and Privacy Principles


Thank you for visiting! Photo Fun Safaris, LLC values the privacy of users of its website and Photo Fun Safaris mobile application.   Please take a moment to read this document in its entirety and make sure you understand it.  If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to reach out to Photo Fun Safaris here:

Our Privacy Principles

Photo Fun Safaris is committed to the following privacy principles:

Photo Fun Safaris is dedicated to creating a safe and secure experience for all of our users.

Photo Fun Safaris does not sell personal information to third-parties or advertisers.


Photo Fun Safaris only collects the information from users it believes is necessary to provide a great service.



This Privacy Policy describes the current policies and practices of Photo Fun Safaris, LLC. (“Photo Fun Safaris”) with regard to Personal Data (defined below) collected from users (“Users”) accessing its website: (“Website”) and related cloud based mobile application (the “App”).

Updates:  This Privacy Policy is periodically updated.  Please check back on a regular basis for any changes.  If there are changes to this Privacy Policy, Photo Fun Safaris will post an update on its website alerting users to the changes.  Please note: continued use of the Website or the App after an update to the Privacy Policy serves as a User’s explicit consent to the updated terms.

The Data Photo Fun Safaris Collects

Information Collected From All Visitors to the Website and Users of the Application

Photo Fun Safaris utilizes Wix for its website, and deploys Google Analytics on its Website and in the App.  Google Analytics utilizes cookies and other methods to collect information about visitors to the Website and Users of the App.  This information is collected in aggregate and is not used to identify individual users or households, nor to track them across the Internet after they leave the Website (cross-site tracking cookies).

More information about WIX can be found on the page here:

More information about Google Analytics can be found on the page here:

The information detailed above is considered “Non-Personal Data” of a User.

Information Collected from Users Creating an Account on the App

Photo Fun Safaris collects the following information from Users who elect to create an account on the App:

  • Username

  • E-mail (optional)

  • Password


The above information is considered “Personal Data” of the User and will only be provided to Photo Fun Safaris when submitted by the User during the sign-up process.  Creating an account with Photo Fun Safaris is not a requirement of using the App.

Why Photo Fun Safaris Collects Personal Data and How We Use It

General Use of Personal Data

Photo Fun Safaris uses the Personal Data collected on the Website and in the App to allow Photo Fun Safaris to:


  1. Maintain User accounts and allow the App to function correctly;

  2. To improve the Website and App;

  3. to ensure a User’s use of the Website and App is in compliance with the Terms of Use and any underlying agreements a User has signed. 


Marketing and E-Mails

When signing up in the App, a User may opt-in to receiving e-mails and other communications from Photo Fun Safaris.  To maintain its mailing list, Photo Fun Safaris uses a software which keeps the list current and tracks if a User opts-out of receiving future communications.  Photo Fun Safaris complies with CAN-SPAM and related regulations that govern the use and maintenance of mailing lists. 

Storage, Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Data


Storage of Personal Data

Photo Fun Safaris’ App is a “cloud based” application, meaning the Personal and Non-Personal data of Users (described above), is stored on servers and other computer systems which are accessible via the Internet and are not under the direct physical control of Photo Fun Safaris.  Photo Fun Safaris is providing this information in the spirit of full disclosure to our Users and will store all Personal and Non-Personal Data of our Users in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Disclosure to Third-Parties

Photo Fun Safaris may disclose Personal Data to third parties under certain circumstances.  Photo Fun Safaris may disclose Personal Data to third parties if: 1) a User requested that Photo Fun Safaris do so; 2) to comply with an applicable law, regulation, valid subpoena, or request of the US Government or; 3) Photo Fun Safaris is acquired by or merged into another entity, or all or a portion of its assets are sold or otherwise transferred to another entity, Photo Fun Safaris may disclose Personal Data to that entity. 

Access to And Control Over Information Held By Photo Fun Safaris

Via e-mail, Users can specifically request information about:

  • What data Photo Fun Safaris has about them, if any.

  • Changing/correcting any data Photo Fun Safaris has about them.

  • Deleting any data Photo Fun Safaris has about them.

  • Expressing any concern that the User has about use of their data.


For help with further questions or access to Personal Data a User can contact:

How Photo Fun Safaris Uses Non-Personal Data

Non-Personal Data is automatically collected from a User utilizing the Website or App.  For example, Photo Fun Safaris uses technology to automatically collect Non-Personal Data about the use of Website and App.  This technology is used to track how many Users access Website\App, the date and time of their visits, the length of their stays, and which pages they view.  Photo Fun Safaris may also use technology to determine which web browsers Users use and the address from which they accessed the Website.  The information collected using this technology does not identify any User personally and is thus all Non-Personal Data that simply enables Photo Fun Safaris to compile statistics about Users and their use of the Website, App, and related services. 


Photo Fun Safaris may save certain information regarding a User’s web browser using “cookies” or the browser-resident database\cache.  A cookie is a piece of data stored on the User’s computer tied to information about the User and their use of the Website.  Photo Fun Safaris may use session-ID cookies to confirm that registered Users are logged in.  These cookies would terminate once the User closes the web browser.  Photo Fun Safaris may also use persistent cookies that store certain Personal Data already provided to Photo Fun Safaris to make it easier for a User to log back into the Website. A User can remove or block cookies using the settings in the User’s web browser if a user wants to disable such functions, but such action may impair the full functionality of the Website.


Photo Fun Safaris does not engage in cross-website tracking in any way.  A User’s utilization of the Website or App will not be shared with advertisers. 

The Security Practices of Photo Fun Safaris


Photo Fun Safaris uses industry standard security measures to protect Users’ Personal Data.  While such security measures provide reasonable protections against unauthorized access, they do not provide a guarantee that Personal Data will not be compromised in the future.  By its nature, a cloud based service like the Website and App resides on servers and computer systems accessible via the Internet which may be compromised or misused by third-party bad actors that Photo Fun Safaris has no control over.


Links To Other Websites

The Website may contain web links to third-party websites that Photo Fun Safaris believes Users may find helpful.  These websites are not under Photo Fun Safaris’ control.  Photo Fun Safaris makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy and information on or from other websites.  Please be advised that the privacy policy and security policy of third-party linked websites are not that of Photo Fun Safaris.


Questions About Our Privacy Policy?

If a User has any questions about this Privacy Policy or concerns about the way Photo Fun Safaris processes Personal Data, please contact Photo Fun Safaris at:


COPPA Statement

Photo Fun Safaris does not intend to collect Personal Data from Users that are under the age of thirteen. If a User allows an individual under the age of thirteen to access the website or utilize the App, that User is responsible for ensuring that the information entered into the App by the underage individual does not contain their first\last name, address, or any other information that may allow Photo Fun Safaris (or any third party) to identify them individually. 


To the extent that Personal Data of anyone under the age of thirteen is shared with Photo Fun Safaris by a User, such sharing of the Personal Data serves as the explicit consent for Photo Fun Safaris to collect such information.

A Note About Purchases Made in the App


Photo Fun Safaris uses in-app purchases to allow Users to buy additional content for use in the App.  These purchases are completed via either the Apple App Store (in-app purchases) or the Google Play Store (as the case may be).  Photo Fun Safaris will not have access to the User’s credit card information and does not store it.


A Note About Push Notifications


Photo Fun Safaris uses “push notifications” to notify Users about changes, updates, and news about the Website and App.  This service does not require the User to provide any Personal Information or create an account.   The User may disable push notifications in their phone’s settings at any time.

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