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Zoo Safari Printouts 

These printouts are designed for teachers and parents who are taking their students/children to the zoo.  First, select the Safari Level that is most appropriate for your group and make a copy for each child.  Children can simply check off the specific animal situations they observe.  The lower Safari levels are for younger children and are designed more for fun than challenge.  The higher levels are more likely to maintain a teenager’s interest as they include more challenging observations.  To make the visit to the zoo more entertaining, set up friendly competitions for your group.  Specific level descriptions are available by downloading the Photo Fun Safari app.  Although it is beneficial for the teacher/parent to download the free Photo Fun Safari app, it is not necessary for any of the children to do so, which is the purpose of the printouts.

Printout Albums for all Zoos in the US


The animals included in this app are commonly present in both large city zoos and in the zoos located in smaller cities.


Printout Albums for the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park in Green Bay


This app was customized for the NEW Zoo in Green Bay.  Therefore, many of the animals in these printouts are not present in other zoos.  Unless your children are attending the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park in Green Bay, you are advised to use the printouts for All Zoos in the US.

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