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Heading to one of our featured zoos?

Check out the custom Safaris below!

Photo Fun Safaris was designed to increase everyone's Fun at the Zoo or Aquarium and includes scavenger hunts for animals in various situations. Each Safari app is Free and all apps include a Free Intro Safari for all ages. The levels of difficulty range from very easy for young children to challenging for those who are competitive. Points are awarded for each animal captured with your phone's camera and each Safari Level includes a Collection of animals to capture. Each Safari also includes interesting Fun Facts for every animal.


Custom Safaris are designed specifically for the zoos they are named after, but they can be enjoyed at most medium/large zoos. The General Safari app is meant to be used at any medium/large zoo in the United States.

If you would like a Custom Safari for a zoo near you (any size zoo), have your zoo director contact us at There is no charge for creating the Custom Safari which always includes at least one Free Intro Safari!

For US Zoos

For Big Zoos

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